Project Watan: To Ensure Stability in Southern Lebanon and Create Reassurance Ahead of the Holidays

“Project Watan’s” Executive Board convened its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of Deputy Neemat Frem, with all members in attendance, to discuss the latest developments on the local and regional scenes. The following statement was issued afterward:


  • “Project Watan” condemned the major violations against humanity in Gaza and expressed astonishment at the international community’s failure to halt a war that carries frightening consequences for the whole world, especially since children, women, innocents, medical teams, and media professionals are the ones to pay its price. This catastrophic scene contradicts all norms, beliefs, and international laws, threatening human beings, their security, and their faith in peace and justice. The attendees also viewed the targeting of journalists in Yaroun, South Lebanon, as a potential real disaster that could have triggered a war that must be avoided by all means.
  • “Project Watan” calls for the reactivation of UN Resolution 1701 and the maintenance of stability in Southern Lebanon, particularly in light of a growing national consensus that Lebanon has no interest in slipping into war, and that Lebanese people should not achieve martyrdom unless it is to protect Lebanon and its people in case of an attack on national territories. What is required today is to translate this national conviction into practical and responsible measures, starting with the full implementation of Resolution 1701 in all its aspects, and with the army assuming its responsibility on the Lebanese borders to calm things in all bordering villages and towns.
  • The Executive Board sees that the Lebanese economy is in dire need of the vitality and momentum brought by the holidays, whether during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations or later through the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Hence, the Board calls on every official in Lebanon to strive and work towards instilling a sense of reassurance, for Lebanon to be ready to attract expatriates who significantly contribute in revitalizing the struggling economy. Now is the appropriate time for officials to begin fostering such an atmosphere through their speeches, stances, and actions. Alleviating the sufferings of the Lebanese who have been through unforgettable nightmares over the past two years, deserves to be the first and foremost priority.
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