About Neemat G. Frem

Neemat G. Frem is a Lebanese politician, businessman and a Member of the Lebanese Parliament.


On May 2022, he was elected on behalf of Keserwan-Jbeil constituency for the second time. In his 2018 parliamentary tenure, he served as the Chair of the National Economy, Trade, Industry & Planning Parliamentary Commission and as an active member in the Immigrants and Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Commission.

Shortly after the 2020 Beirut explosion, Frem announced his resignation from parliament as a protest against the corruption and the failure of the Lebanese political system that lead to the financial collapse and the destruction of Beirut.

He is currently the president of the executive board of “Project Watan”,  a national political movement that aims to ensure the happiness and dignity of the Lebanese people and build a state of freedom, prosperity and sovereignty. 

Neemat Frem is also the chief executive of the multinational company INDEVCO Group employing over 10.000 people worldwide. He is founder and president of Phoenix Group and former president of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists. He presided The Maronite Foundation in the World from 2016 to 2018.

In 2013, he launched “Better Lebanon" initiative, a national, holistic, and visionary approach to propelling Lebanon’s economic, social and governance reforms.
In 2019, the initiative was institutionalized as an NGO, which coordinates with other organizations and the Diaspora to provide sustainable development, humanitarian aid and social support.


In July 2018, Frem received a Doctorate Honoris Causa from Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. He holds two US patents.

His first patent, registered in 2007, is an automated sandwich-making dispenser.
His second patient, registered in 2017, the Solar Mill Fluid Expansion Engine.

Neemat Frem is the founder & Board Member of many associations promoting inter-religious (Christian-Islamic) dialogue.

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