The News

Murder of Pascal Sleiman: Project Watan Calls for a Clear, Comprehensive, and Truthful Presentation to Public Opinion

Frem: Pascal Sleiman is the victim of the failure of the Rule of Law and the reign of Jungle Law

"Project Watan’s” Iftar in Tripoli

Frem from NDU: God’s talents in humans manifest through creating job opportunities

Frem and Economic Bodies Discuss Framework to Maintain Effective Health Protection for Private Sector Workers

Abduction of Pascal Sleiman: Frem expresses solidarity and calls on security apparatuses to intensify their efforts to locate him

Project Watan: Beware of Reviving Flaws!

"Project Watan” organizes a spiritual and civil Iftar in Byblos

Frem to his mother: You remain my first love and my last refuge

Frem: What does the summoning of Father Saadeh mean now that the investigation has concluded?

Frem: The Maronite Order is the conscience of Lebanon’s and family’s values

Frem: Congratulations to the Lebanese beauty that rises above the ugliness

Frem: Through prayer and fasting, God will hopefully protect us from wars and bring peace

“Project Watan”: Cooling the front in the South to Recover the Occupied Lands

The intention to create immense added value through collaboration with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kfardebian ‘Arab Winter Resort Capital’ for 2024

Frem on the closure of Land Registry Offices: Cling to your land as strongly as you do to your ancestors and children

“Project Watan” Warns Against Suspicious Transactions Amid Closure of Registry Offices

Frem on Saint Maroun’s Day: Salvation for Lebanon and the Lebanese Lies in Returning to Roots

Regional Challenges and Lebanon’s Concerns in the Heart of Frem’s Meeting with the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington

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