Project Watan hopes the war stops after the ceasefire: Our duty is to save Lebanon’s independence

Project Watan’s Executive Board convened its weekly meeting, chaired by Deputy Neemat Frem, with all members present, to discuss the latest developments. The following statement was issued afterward:


  • “The Executive Board expressed its sorrow on the commemoration of Lebanon’s eightieth Independence Day, as the country and its people face numerous challenges, including a prolonged presidential void, faltering public institutions, and citizens enduring an unprecedented economic and social crisis. Not to mention the ongoing state of war in the South and political tensions that expose military and security institutions to the risk of vacancy.

The tree of independence, planted by free patriots in 1943, has not received the necessary care since then. It is our duty, alongside the rising generations, to save and maintain this independence for the sake of Lebanon’s existence and its role in defending freedoms and human values.

  • The Executive Board extends its deepest condolences for the further loss of Lebanese lives under the Israeli enemy’s blatant attacks on our beloved South. It strongly condemns the repeated targeting of citizens and those who carry a message and a mission. May mercy be upon the souls of those who have left us, and may patience be with their families and all the Lebanese.
  • The Executive Board looks forward with hope to the anticipated humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and the accompanying hostages exchange process, wishing that it will pave the way for a subsequent complete stop to the ongoing war, which will translate into calm and stability in South Lebanon.
  • The Executive Board reiterates its warning against sliding into a widespread war with the transgression of the rules of engagement, a goal that may be pursued by Israel’s far-right. If we can achieve a long-term ceasefire in the South, we will deprive the Israeli enemy of any pretext or justification for its attacks and expose its reality before the international community. Moreover, we will encourage expatriates to stand by their families and revive the national economy while remaining prepared for a determined defensive war in the event of continued aggression against us.”
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