Frem on the Economic Council Workshop: Unfortunately, the Budget is Tax-Oriented and Lacks Any Plan or Economic Vision

Deputy Neemat Frem commented on the workshop organized by the Economic Council to address the issue of taxes included in the new budget bill and their impact on economic, social and livelihood conditions. He expressed disappointment in the bill’s complete reliance on taxes and its lack of any plan or economic vision.


In a post on the X platform, he stated: “The workshop organized by the President of the Economic and Social Council, Charles Arbid, in collaboration with the Finance and Economy Parliamentary Committee, the General Labor Union, and Economic Bodies, to discuss the matter of taxes included in the budget bill and their impact on economic, social, and living conditions, holds significant importance.


He further noted: “Unfortunately, this bill is solely focused on taxes and lacks any plan or economic vision, which will lead to an alarming economic contraction with negative growth. Particularly concerning is the allocation of meager funds to the Ministries of Health, Education, and Social Affairs, at a time when the public healthcare and education systems are collapsing.”


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